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Looking cool for back to school takes a lot more than having stylish clothes and the normal school supplies like books, binders, and pencils. In today's high-tech world, the coolest students are those who are carrying the best and most highly accessorized mobile devices. Whether its a cell phone, smart phone, portable medial player, tablet PC, or even multiple electronic devices, carrying hot mobile electronics decked out in high quality accessories is a sure way to know you will be one of the coolest kids on the first day of school.

Students in middle school, high school, and college are more interested in high-tech devices than ever before. Even elementary school students are now carrying cell phones in their backpacks. Since these devices can be used for so much more than just making calls, they can actually be useful for students of all ages. With built-in calculators as well as access to the internet and educational apps, mobile devices can reach far beyond the benefits of communication and entertainment and actually help students do better in school.

Having a cool mobile device extends beyond looking good with your friends. It also means that your device will be practical in all aspects of your life whether you are in school, at home, or on the go. Some of the top devices for students include smartphones like the iPhone, HTC Thunderbolt, and other top-of-the-line products. As tablets like the iPad 2 and Samsung Galaxy Tab have become increasingly popular, it has also become apparent just how great they are for students. In addition to being some of the coolest products around, they also make note taking, research, and school projects a breeze.

Being cool for back to school requires more than just owning a mobile device, though. You also need to outfit your phone, iPod, or iPad with stylish and functional accessories. A phone, tablet, or iPod that gets smashed between books in your backpack definitely isn't cool, so snap-on protectors are a must. In addition to preventing damage that can leave mobile device completely unusable, they are also very stylish and can be a great way to reflect your personality.

Snap-on covers are some of the hottest accessories for just about every device on the market because they are cheap, functional, and attractive. Whether you are a guy or a girl, finding a cool snap-on protector is easy. Since they come in such a wide array of designs and colors, it is easy to find one that is perfectly you. Skins are also great for protecting expensive devices from scratches, scuffs, and cracks when they are carried in pockets, purses, and backpacks.

Cool accessories aren't limited to just covers and skins. You can also get charms in a variety of styles and colorful Bluetooth headsets. Charms are a fun and simple way to add a bit more glitz and personality to your device while colorful headsets are the perfect way to safely use your device stylishly and hands-free. Since they are available in so many different colors, it is easy to match your Bluetooth earpiece to your phone's cover or skin.

While they are often forgotten about, memory cards are also pretty cool accessories. MicroSD cards are compatible with a lot of smartphones from top brands like Samsung, LG, HTC, and Motorola. Expanding your phone's memory with an extra storage card is a simple way to ensure that you will have plenty of room to store all your music, videos, pictures, games, and apps.

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